Mind-blowing Marketing Ideas for Wholesale Toy Businesses

Gone are the days when toys were only meant to be the play material for the kids only. Now they have become an educational and learning source for children as well. This resulted in an increase in demand.


Gone are the days when toys were only meant to be the play material for the kids only. Now they have become an educational and learning source for children as well. This resulted in an increase in demand.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some amazing marketing ideas to promote your wholesale toy business. You can use any or all of them to expand your business.

Tips to Promote Your Wholesale Toys Business

Handling a wholesale toys business might seem easy, but knowledge and efforts are required to run it successfully. Planned marketing strategies help you make a profit out of it.

  • Promotional Campaigns

Retailers like to get as many discounts and offers as they can to ensure their profit margin. Use this desire as a marketing tool. Attend toys trades shows. Get connected to toy retailers directly. Introduce different promotional campaigns.

BOGOF, discounts on a certain number of purchases, and contests are the best examples of some promotional activities. Offer special prices on the first deal to attract retailers. In case you are offering them electronic toys, give them free batteries.

If your business deals with air-filled plastic toys, provide them with plastic air pumps. It doesn't matter if you go for any promotional activity, but remember to choose them wisely as they cost you money.

  • Informative Videos and Content

Effective and strong content help you attract your target audience. Videos and content related to toys are becoming popular. Many influencers are living on their informative videos and blogs regarding toys. Use those influencers to promote your business.

Most wholesale and retail businesses send them toys as gifts and request a review. This cost them almost nothing to reach their audience. Some businesses hire these bloggers and vloggers to market their products for a certain time. Decide which way you would like to use their services.

  • Host Seminars and Webinars

Hosting seminars and webinars are one of the best sources to contact your audience. Many toy retailers do not attend paid webinars and seminars. Offer free seminars and webinars to join. Gather as many toy businesses under one roof as you can. Make your name a brand. Let them know you.

Exhibit your toys during the seminar and discuss the basics of your business. As a wholesale toy business, you must have a grip on the market. Analyze market trends. Check what problems toys retailers are facing.

Research and find out solutions for them. The primary agenda of these seminars and webinars should listen to their issues and discussions. This strengthens business bonds.

  • Offer Recommendations

Offering help is another marketing strategy to win your audience's trust. Give retailers recommendations. Which toy is best-selling and what is its USP? Help them understand the market trends. Usually, retailers ask for suggestions directly.

If not, suggest them through emails, calls, or marketing brochures. You can use blogs and business journals for such recommendations. Tell them why they should buy toys in bulk. Educate them on how to get benefits from wholesale buying. This is where you can combine two marketing strategies to enhance the impact.

  • Cold Marketing

Cold calling and emailing can help you find your customers. Toy retailers rarely put effort to search for suppliers. By contacting them directly, you can increase your sales. Use toy business directory, journals, and their websites to get their contact details.

Use email-marketing tools to reach your prospects. Many apps are available in the market to make calls and send emails without hassle.

  • Use Digital Platforms

In recent times, consumer behavior has changed because of the digital availability of products. Toys are one of the most searched items on the internet. 72% of the parents stated that they prefer to buy toys online as they do not have time to visit the market.

In this situation, your online presence makes a difference in your business. Many digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube not only help you increase your sales but also used as an income source in many ways.

Online Wholesale marketplace offers retailers to buy toys in bulk. These markets connect retailers and wholesalers for business purposes. Through this connectivity, you can expand your business.

Let’s Hear Your Story

If you are a wholesale toy business and using any or all of these marketing strategies, let us know the outcome. In case we have missed something, share it in the comment box.