Best 5 Online Video Games

Do you want to know the top five online games that are trending on our list? We have the most played and download games present in the highlights. Take a look and share your thoughts.



It is a 3d world where you can create houses, castles, and many other things using blocks. You can play in infinite arenas of different themes like a forest, underwater, desert, and many more. There are several modes like the creative mode to create an exemplary building on land and seas. The survival mode has many more features like making to fight enemies and using armor to defend yourself. You can play solo or bring friends in multiplayer mode. It gets purchased from any online gaming store and works on Windows as well as mobile devices. You can even host a competition with a maximum of 10 friends on any realm with a secured private server.

You can make your game more enthralling by making in-game purchases like maps, texture packs for your character, and skins. This game is on our list because it has almost 126 million players per month and received 4.6/5 stars on Playstore.



Men love battlefield games where they can use a weapon and fight for their survival. Fortnite is the last man standing game. It is a crossplay game where players are put in an arena and made to kill each other till only one is left. That person becomes the winner. You can enter the battleground solo or with a team of 4 friends. You may send chats and friend requests to connect. There are four basic modes of the game:

  • The classic Battle Royal is in which 100 players enter the arena and fight till one is left.
  • Save the World is a defensive game mode where you have to kill creatures looking like a zombie.
  • Creative mode is for people who enjoy creating their rooms and using them for battle, concerts, and much more.

Fortnite was launched in 2017 and made by Epic Games. It has more than 350 million players globally who are responsible for its success. It has received high ratings on all platforms as people are crazy about their skins and characters. Fortnite releases a new season now and then. It contains new missions, characters, and accessories which make your game more enthralling. The price value of the brand is in billions.


League of legends

League released by Riot Games. It is a battle arena launched in 2009. It got inspired by a great game, Defence of the ancients, which made them release some unique maps. The best feature is that it is free of charge on almost all devices. You need to download it from an authentic source. Graham Mcneil has written an engaging storyline that will interest you towards the game. There are two teams on a battlefield, both possessing some area on the map. Each of them has five players who have to raid the enemy land and protect their own. Each team has a champion with special powers. You can earn experience points and earn golds in a match that will help them get more powers.

Many world championships get held in this game, and players can win real prizes and cash. It is the top five list because of the good reviews and famous competition that area waited by many people. Its broadcast is on multiple channels like eSports and social media platforms such as YouTube. It has more than 44 million viewers. There are almost 115 million active players every month on the League of legends.


Grand Theft Auto V

The first GTA version got released in 1997 but, the latest version V came out in 2013. Rockstar North is the developer of the game. A new update is about to come in 2022, which people are eagerly waiting to play. It is most enjoyable on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The game shows the scenic view of San Andreas, and you are just supposed to be a citizen. You can choose your character of police, thief or any other you want. You will receive many missions to complete and, in between, you will have to kill people, steal vehicles and do some exaggerating tasks. As your level of game increases, you get more rewards and RP. You can play with your friends and, the limitation is 30 players depending on your device.

  • These are some types of modes you can play in:
  • You can use the solo mode for playing alone in a private session.
  • Use the invite-only arena to invite friends.
  • The public mode has numerous crossplay users coexisting in the lobby.

A new heist update is supposed to come out. It will be exciting to know how it uses multiplayer features. GTA is an old game that is still a favorite for many people. They are released new updates to keep the audience engaged. One more thing you can get also promotion codes on



If you like card games, this shall be the right choice for you. Playerss use crossplay and compete globally. It has a Warcraft theme with many features, characters, elements, and graphics that take you to an imaginary world of magic. It is available on all devices like PC, Android, iOS, and windows. You will need to select a hero and get a card deck to play this game in multiplayer or single-player mode. Both opponents get a turn one by one and, their main aim is to finish the powers. With every win, you get rewarded with points that can ve used for making in-app purchases. You can also buy new cards to make your experience more enthralling.

The game was started as a small venture but gained popularity due to its unique features and theme. This game has become a part of our list as it got positively praised by critics and has more than 100 million users per month. Several championships get held by Blizzard and, this game has become an esport.



Our list depends on the reviews and monthly player’s amount. None of the content gets sponsored by any brand. You shall play these games and share your thoughts with us. We love hearing from you and all games lovers you can get an amazing Roblox redeem code at best price.