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Supervisor of a nurse team has refused Lisa’s request to attend the Sabbath services. Actions of the supervisor are questionable.


Nursing and Religion

Supervisor of a nurse team has refused Lisa’s request to attend the Sabbath services. Actions of the supervisor are questionable. In this paper, I will examine impacts of the religion on the roles and responsibilities of Lisa who is a nurse in the hospital. It will be important to determine whether religious matters help to overcome her concerns. This will be critical to recommend and develop better ways to deal with this problem described by essay master.

Feel about Lisa’s Request

Lisa’s request is reasonable, in my opinion. Whenever somebody is convicted of religious matters, it is a noble thing to acquit that person, provided it does not affect the public. As Lisa’s request was only for being excused from Friday evening to Saturday, she should have the application granted to uphold and protect her faith. Therefore, Lisa should have obtained permission to spend the Sabbath day worshiping, as policies and regulations of nurses have always respected religious freedom. However, there should be a limit on the integration of both, religion and nursing.

Honor of Lisa’s Request

They may accept Lisa’s claim by taking into consideration the effects she can experience in case of a denial. The nurse should receive the permission for her request to keep the Sabbath as required. The supervisor may honor the request by reviewing the schedule so that the woman is not on duty on weekends. They also may grant her the permission by appointing another nurse of not so deep religious conviction to substitute Lisa during the weekends.

Was the supervisor culturally competent in the situation?

A supervisor of any team should have a capability to respond to their team members requests and grievances, and make a decision as a participant, not a dictator. Supervisors should be considerate, which helps them make good decisions about their medical staff and patients. Cultural incompetence of the supervisor is obvious from his inability to communicate well with Lisa who has made a good request. Dictatorship will only prevent effective communication between team members and reduce their output. Such communication style obviates the need to engage in interaction and integration in a workplace. Therefore, the supervisor was not competent when he gave Lisa a decision to go back to New Jersey.

Presenting Lisa’s concerns at a meeting

Lisa should submit her request at the meeting and explain what has forced her to take action. The explanation would help the people whom she presents her requests to feel a sense of her issues.

EEOC policy on honoring employees' requests for holidays

EEOC laws forbid to harass any person because of their religion. Precisely, harassment means some remarks that prohibit individual religious practices. According to the law, teases, adverse comments and incidents do not cause harm if they are not constant. However, they can be detrimental in case of their overuse.

In summary, religious values and aspects are of crucial importance when it concerns nursing interventions. Every person has different religious beliefs, which mainly develop their culture. For example, some religions do not offer the use of medication. However, it is critical to ensure that the practices properly align with the norms and virtues of the society. Therefore, religious traditions should be treated with respect, provided they do not challenge the norms of the community and work in general.