Why do car owners prefer premium tyres?

Most car owners like an affordable deal while they buy new tyres.


Most car owners like an affordable deal while they buy new tyres. This behaviour of drivers is not unnatural. Car Tyres bath makers also realize it, and therefore, they offer three price ranges for the tyres.

The first range of tyres with the highest price tag is called premium tyres. This range is, of course, at the best place in terms of durability and performance.

But, several drivers would like to make the deal more affordable. They usually like mid-range tyres that are good in quality and are available with competitive price as well.

Mid-range tyres are the second range of cost-based tyres. As the third range, budget tyres are available in the market. The very cost-conscious drivers adore these tyres. However, most drivers are in favour of premium tyres. Of course, the reason for this preference is the best quality of premium tyres. All the car owners should consider the performance factors before they finally buy the set of tyres.

The efforts to make the deal affordable are OK, but you must look at the following performance factors as well.


This is the prime factor that decides the total age of your tyres. Durable tyres are made to serve their masters for a more extended period. Therefore, tyre makers use the highest quality of material and most optimum tread design to manufacture the product.

There is no question of durability if you have decided to buy premium or branded tyres.

Other tyres may have a compromised level of durability.

Handling road conditions

How the tyres handle road conditions is also an essential factor. Nowadays, many types are available in the market that are made just based on road conditions. The most common types are all-terrain tyres, mud-terrain tyres, snow tyres, sand tyres etc.

Seasonal tyres are indirectly related to the road conditions since changing seasons have varied road conditions. Therefore, look at this factor as well if you buy new tyres for your car.

Wet conditions

Nowadays, wet performance is also included in the performance factors. It means how well the tyre behaves in wet conditions. Tyres with the best-wet performance provide proper grip and traction on wet roads and also provide a better driving experience and control over the steering wheel.

Seasonal changes

Weather is a vital factor for the drivers. Therefore, manufacturers make seasonal tyres that behave differently in different seasons. For example, winter tyres are designed for winter tyres, so that they would not support the summer season.

Final words

You have read about the factors that are considered to check tyre’s performance.

Many tyres buy mid-range tyres or budget tyres according to their goals. You are free to do so as well. However, premium tyres are available with the highest level of performance factors, but you have to look at your own goals before buying the tyres. If you go to your office in your car, you do not need high-performance tyres. They are made for driving enthusiasts.

If you are one of those who like speedy and challenging driving, you will like tyres with a higher price tag. So, here the cost is not probably the deciding factor. Drivers make the final choice after considering their aims. This is the correct approach to buy new car tyres.