Proven Ways to Produce High-graded Essays

This results in unintentional plagiarism. It is, therefore, many writers tend to double-check their ideas and points for their originality, before presenting them as their own.


Essays are a big part of the academics from school education, college studies, and beyond. With each advanced level of education, the requirements of the essays also increase. Moving from one grade to the next you should also work on your write my essay. This includes improving in various departments such as reading, researching, writing, and brainstorming. You can target each of these parts individually or improve your essay as a whole. 

Many writers tend to use the help of an essay writing service to help with their essays. The professional writers available at such a service allows you to optimize your academic writing as well as the essay process. You can, however, improve your essays on your own and work your way towards a highly graded essay. There are several ways you can do this:

Read high-graded essays

At times, to improve upon your writing, you need to go over the various sources that are written by professionals or accomplished writers. For your academic studies, ask your teacher to provide you with sample high-graded essays. Going through the writing you will get a general idea about what makes for a high-graded essay. Make sure to notice the structure and the organization of the essay, as well as the use of source information and the analysis related to it. Simply going through such essays will induce the same writing style in your essays.

Consult online writing resources

There are various online writing resources and centers that have a guideline on various topics regarding academic writing. Reading and applying them in your writing will help you improve your thinking, researching, and writing skills. If you are enrolled in a university then you can consult the various writers in the university’s writing center and have them review your essay. They can further help you with solving your various essay problems or queries.

Go from the familiar to the unfamiliar

You will be graded in regards to how well you communicate your ideas, arguments, and points to the reader by an essay writer. High graded essays are clear and lead the readers from one point to another through the structure and flow. You can induce the quality in your writing by always going from the familiar information to the unfamiliar one. This allows the reader to connect the new ideas with the context provided by, for example, the background information. 

Make sure you use the same pattern in each of the paragraphs. Doing so will make the paragraphs consistent and help the readers digest the information, analysis, and points that you put in front of them.

Brainstorm ahead of researching

In higher grades and the advanced subject matter, the novelty of the ideas and arguments are as important as good writing. To make sure that you come up with strong and novel ideas and points, you should brainstorm ahead of the researching bit. Doing so will allow you to come up with ideas on your own. Brainstorming points after the research help various researched points creep into our process, disguised as original thoughts or ideas. This results in unintentional plagiarism. It is, therefore, many writers tend to double-check their ideas and points for their originality, before presenting them as their own.

Always peer-review your essay

Students who have their essays peer-reviewed tend to be better than the essays that are not. While you can review and edit your essay on your own, having your peer review the essay will allow you to realize the mistake that you have made. The peer’s familiarity with essay writing service the subject matter also puts him/her in the best position to be critical about the arguments and analysis. Moreover, peer-review can help you edit and review your essay on the fast track if you have less time on your hands. 

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