5 Useful Maintenance Tips For Your Acoustic Guitar

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A guitar is a very popular musical instrument that needs proper care and maintenance to sound perfect. Acoustic guitars are mainly made up of wood and factors like climate change can affect their playing quality. However, if you're well aware of the maintenance tips and ways to keep your guitar in good condition, you can easily take care of some minor corrections. With that being said, let's take a look at some useful guitar maintenance tips:

Don't leave your guitar in open

As you're buying an acoustic guitar make sure you buy a guitar case or bag with it. You must keep your guitar in a bag when not in use. The bag will protect the guitar from any climate changes just like a jacket protects you from cold. Humidity plays a major part in affecting the quality of guitar, keeping it in a bag will keep it away from moisture and keep it in good condition for a long time.  

Get it repaired if you find a High Action

By high action, it means you'll observe a gap between your fret board and strings. If the guitar is not repaired, this gap gradually increases and makes the playing even more difficult. This problem is also called "neck bending" and the main reason behind it is string pressure. If you don't get your guitar fixed at a Guitar Repair Near Me, then it will create more problems like an uneven fret board.

Detune it if you're not playing

If you're going on a vacation and you're sure that you won't be playing your guitar for a while, detune it. When your guitar is in standard tuning, the stings put about 60 Kg of pressure on your acoustic guitar. Detuning it will relieve this pressure and you'll find your guitar in the perfect shape when you come back. If you haven't played your guitar for over 6 months, it is recommended that you take it for service.

Clean it regularly

It is important to invest some time in making the appearance of your guitar better. Not only will it make it shine but also preserve its play ability. Make sure you wash your hands before playing your guitar as the dust and oil on your fingers can affect its finish. It can also create problems for the strings and fret board. As human sweat is rich in acid content, it can also affect the appearance of your acoustic or electric guitar.

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