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I’m always looking for high-quality products and better ways to improve my and my friend's lives. That’s how I found Advanced Medicine and IADFW. Through Advanced Medicine, I became aware of CrowdPoint and Blockchain. I joined CrowdPoint as my identity was stolen on the dark web. CrowdPoint uses the power of the blockchain to secure your private information. In addition, CrowdPoint has an Advanced Medicine Exchange platform on a blockchain where all their goods are vetted for quality and integrity. I can with confidence suggest high-caliber products. And, with each purchase, my client’s private information is secured on the blockchain. Becoming a MicroPreneur is the ideal situation for me. I am now able to help all my clients, family, and customers in a secure way. When I joined CrowdPoint, I felt it was the right thing, at the right time. At first, I was cautious and a little skeptical because of all that was offered for the initial membership fee. The service and help CrowdPoint offers are above and beyond anything imaginable. The MicroPreneur community, as well as the CrowdPoint team, have become my new family. We all work together and help, in our own way, to advance the team. We truly live our motto, “No One Left Behind.” CrowdPoint is not just someplace to work, but it is a team to work with—a patient and non-judgmental team! It’s life-changing and an incredible ride! Join us today!"
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