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Why do you belive you are the best fit to win this award.


Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish.

High expectation are the key to everything.
I always believe my endeavors with regards to sports would eventually put me a big platform one day.

I am Issif majid Zakaria,
Just passed main src rep of SDANMTC, KWADASO
An exceptional src sports leader nursing college as whole has ever produced.

A vibrant and multi talented sportsman who understand sports and it leadership.

I've never thought of ending my sports and anything about it very sooner because of how persistent and passionate about sports, it's just part of me and that's my source of happiness.
I realized sports was going to take me somewhere higher when i vy and won hands down as the program and project secretary of Ghana nurse and Midwife trainees' association AshBa zone due to my exceptional way of planning and organizing sports events successfully. So i know this is a great platform to seen and rewarded for my endeavors.

I have achieved alot with sports of which I'll soon list as part of my interview.

But Before i drop.
I don't compete too much with people just like the eagle ?with other animals, i ain't here to try, i am here to be crown ? as the sports personality of the year.

I am issif majid Zakaria.
Thank you.