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Our attention has been drawn to a fictitious and deceitful media publication by some online media portals suggesting that, NAHSAG President has been suspended as the president of the National Health Students Association of Ghana.
We received this news with unrivaled bewilderment and astonishment.

However, we are not tickled because this news is been circulated by media houses who are known to engage in unprofessional reportage by failing to do due diligence in exercise their constitutional rights.

We want to by this release state it without any fear of contradiction that the publication is false, untrue, fraudulent and is purposefully engineered by some ill intent individuals who takes delight in dragging the President's reputation into the mud.

On the 27th of September, 2019 the supposed Chief Justice (Tuffour Kwadwo) of the said judicial ruling leading to the false publication was dismissed by the office the President of NAHSAG after the approval of the General Assembly of NAHSAG. His dismissal become necessary because he had on several accounts unconstitutionally exercised power as an acting Chief Justice who is yet to be sworn into office after the approval of the General Assembly of NAHSAG.

In tandem with this, *Mr Prince Avoi*, a member of the NAHSAG judicial board was appointed and sworn into office after receiving massive approval from the general assembly of NAHSAG.

This character assassination mechanisms are spearheaded by some individuals and unknown faces who have not made a single contribution towards the welfare of NAHSAG and yet had the effrontery to attend the association's annual delegates congress.

As we write, NAHSAG is still under the watch of our able President and the unflinching support of the National executives and members. A successful annual delegates congress has been organized and new executives have been duly elected.

We would therefore use this opportunity to call on all stakeholders, members and the general public to *disregard and treat such false and unsubstantiated articles with all the necessary contempt it deserves.*

We want to send a word of caution as I give *a 12-hour ultimatum* to the media houses/online portals who have unprofessionally and wrongfully exercised their constitutional rights to free speech and expression by publishing this false article without any verification from the appropriate entity(ies), to pull down the article on their sites and apologize accordingly.

While at it, I would equally call on all well meaning members and individuals to stay calm as We engage the services of lawyers to ensure that justice is brought to these individuals who are peddling complete falsehood around, through a law suit for defamation and character assassination.

Thank you very much for the continuous patience, support and help in making NAHSAG one of the most vibrant association in Ghana.

Prince Danso Tenakwah
General Secretary

Released by
Stephen Elinam Abiwu
Public Media and International Relations Officer