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Softgel Contract Manufacturer

Gembra is a famous softgel contract manufacturer which is helpful to increase the supply of the minerals in the body like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, etc. that help you in enhancing the long lasting power of the body and bones. We are so excited to announce our new state of the art soft gel technology capable of producing numerous formulas. Soft gel technology has key benefits such as; bio-availability enhancement, specialized product development for low-dose products, and other challenging applications. Our softgel delivery capabilities will include vegetarian soft gels which meet the growing demand for Non-GMO and natural products that are free from animal derivatives. It is soluble methylcellulose ether which can easily extract by chemically manufacturing polymer cellulose. Cellulose is the most important constituent as well as polysaccharide of all the plant structures. One can also use it as a binder, thickening agent, hydrophilic matrix material as well as a film former. You can easily store these capsules for a long time without the fear of bacterial growth. These capsules are also available in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns which match the diverse medical needs.

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