But come to think of it, whilst we praise the chief imam for his move to unite the two major religions in Ghana, let's not forget the tolerable nature of Christians (which I sometimes find to be a weakness).

I grew up in Damongo, about 15 minutes drive away from Larabanga, but never really gave much interest to the mosque.

As an adult researcher who has grown to love research in cultures, religions, etc. I made a visit to the mosque twice.

The first time, I was allowed in with a couple of friends cos prayers were not in session and we could observe the empty mosque and it's ancient architecture.

The second time, I was interviewing a young man when it coincidentally happened to be the Muslim noon prayer time. I asked if I could join the prayer session, but stay at the back just as an observer, but also one who is interested in religions and matters of God.

The young man told me plainly that they won't allow me join the prayers unless I do some rituals to *tuuba* (convert to Islam) before I can join prayers.

How factual this is, I can't ascertain. But all I know is that, dude kept me waiting until he went to pray and come back.

Let's encourage our Muslim friends to not mystify their religion and not subtly coerce people to join their religion.

People will make a choice a lot of the time when they have observed all the components and are positioned enough to make a good judgement.

Have a good morning.

I remain a proud Catholic.