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Hello, my name is Ahmad Bashir, I’m in my final year at Knutsford University College studying Computer Science. I also work in Knutsford University as a Software Developer. I’m a UI / UX Designer, Full-Stack Developer, Problem Solver, Tech Enthusiast and Team player. I’m deeply passionate about solving problems with friends and colleagues using Innovative State of the Art Programming Technologies. I always derive joy in making a positive impact in the life of others through technology and also believe in giving back to the community. I was nominated for Most Innovative Student in IT and strongly believe I will win by God’s Grace because I’m convinced that no matter where you are in the world it is very important to always give back the community you’re from and i’ll keep on Redefining Innovation to further develop my Country and Africa as a whole.

I was nominated for Most innovative Student in IT for NSA awards and need your support in votes please and thank you.

kindly follow the link below to vote