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Asante Akim Central Municipal (AACM) has dual municipal capitals, Konongo and Odumasi, better identified as Konongo-Odumasi.

In the 2017/18 national service year, the district secretariat of the NSS received over 400 placements of personnel. However, only 322 personnel have up until today been present and working in various agencies and departments within the municipality. Their work and worth has been applauded overtime by all the agencies, notably, the Government Hospital, Senior High Schools like Wesley SHS, KOSS, St. Mary's and Dwease ICCES. Over 50 Basic Schools are also located within the municipality. In short, AACM is a very nice place for a graduate to think of doing his/her national service.

National Service Personnel Association of the Asante Akim Central Municipal (NASPA-AACM) is the most active, proactive, informing, educative and knowledge oriented service association group in the Ashanti region. It is thus not surprising that, 2 out of 6 elected executives and 1 appointed municipal executive are all serving as NASPA-ASHANTI regional executive members. Notably;
➖President of NASPA-AACM is the current Vice President of NASPA-Ashanti.
➖Vice President of NASPA-AACM is also the NASPA-Ashanti Regional Projects & Programmes Coordinator.
➖The PRO of NASPA-AACM is the NASPA-ASHANTI Regional Public Relations Officer.

Lest we forget to also add that, the NASPA-AACM Organizing Secretary is a very influential figure in the NASPA-ASHANTI Regional Organizing Committee. All these are symptoms of a working NSS and NASPA district.

As far as we are concerned, Asante Akim Central Municipal has no food, security and welfare deficiency. There's enough food to eat, very good security as regards policing and community watch and above all a powerful community welfare advocacy. You have nothing to worry as a service personnel. If food and security are your headache then you have nothing to worry at all.

Housing & Rent Control
As a prospective national service person coming to serve in the Asante Akim Central Municipal, you don't have to worry yourself over housing and rent. The executives of NASPA-AACM have been able to secure some rooms which we hope could serve the purposes of your service terms. All you need to do is to contact the Vice President/Welfare Committee Chair and trust us, your room will be secured as we know where your agency is located. Let's reiterate that, we're at your service.

➖Annoh Kofi Frimpong (President)
➖Abdullah Hamidu (Vice President)
➖Benedicta Obiri-Yeboah (Womens' Commissioner)
➖Frank Boakye Yiadom (Organizing Secretary)
➖Richard Asumadu (Financial Secretary)
➖Kyei Elizabeth (General Secretary)
➖Reindolf Amankwa✍? (Public Relations Officer)
0544728631 / 0204081217

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